Welcome to CARMA’s guide to Media Intelligence RFPs.

Having worked in the world of media monitoring, measurement, and evaluation for fifteen years I’ve seen, supported on, and led a great number of media intelligence RFPs, including many for the world’s leading brands and organisations.

Being the tech-informed, data-enabled, connected communicator you as a PR leader want to be in 2021, can be hard without a media intelligence partner that is fixated on supporting you on your mission. That’s why we’ve produced this Media Monitoring and PR Measurement RFP Hub, to help find the partner for you. 

On this page, you’ll find:

I hope this resource is helpful and please do reach out if we can be of any assistance at all.

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PR Budgets

This next year, PR will be defined by the emphasis on accountability. Use measurement to prove the value of your PR activity.


Media Intelligence RFP Checklist

The relationships that work best are built on trust. Start there with your RFP process, and you can bet you’re on a good track.


Running a Successful RFP

Tips and tricks on how to find the perfect monitoring and measurement partner and get the insights that really matter.

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