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Fireside: Getting a Seat at the Table

Whether you’re a senior in-house communicator trying to be heard or PR agency who wants to better demonstrate the value of their work, this intimate discussion will delve into the best advice from two of the industry’s most experienced experts.


Workshop: How to Build a Measurement Framework

Activity without meaningful outcomes is irrelevant. In order to command voice and retain budgets, PR needs to closely aligned with the larger business objectives and be able to demonstrate its contribution in a meaningful, credible and relevant way. Join us in this workshop to learn the ins and outs of building a PR measurement framework.


Webinar: Embedding a Culture of Measurement

For any business, measuring the impact and ROI is key. But to achieve significant effectiveness, it is essential for brands to go beyond measurement and metrics, and embrace the larger process of learning to improve. Join us in this session where communications and measurement experts will discuss practical steps and experiences on making measurement part of the organisational DNA.